Class 1

Welcome to Class 1

Children from Reception and Year 1 are taught in Class 1, by Mrs Reid and Mrs Wood.  For more information on what the children are studying this term (Summer 2023) please click below:
Reception Homeschool Overview Summer 2023 SR
Year one overview Summer 2023

For Class 1’s long term curriculum plan please click here.


Useful documents:

Reception Information Booklet July 2020
Reception Linking Letters and Sounds document
Class 1 Wellbeing Wednesday – Internet Safety

Class 1


This half term we have shared the stories, ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ and ‘The Deep dark Wood’ and then compared them to ‘The Gruffalo’ which is also set in a ‘deep dark wood’. We then wrote stories from Mr. Wolf’s point of view which was very different to Little Red Riding Hoods. We designed and wrote character descriptions for our own monster best friends and we even read and followed instructions to make Gruffalo crumble!

“I thought the black tongue was going to be in it! It was really apple and it was yummy! The Gruffalo wouldn’t have liked it because he’d be like urgh this apple tastes horrible!” – Freya

“I thought the purple prickles was going to be in it! It had apples and it was yummy! He wouldn’t like it because they don’t like apples! They eat black tongue and purple prickles!” – Buster

We have also been super excited to FINALLY spot the first signs of spring!  It felt like it might never get here after our recent snow but during our science work we have really enjoyed spotting buds on trees and lot of spring flowers beginning to bloom!

“That’s rhubarb. My Mum loves rhubarb crumble! Look pansies! They’re all different colours. They’re in plant boxes and in the tyres. Someone planted them because then it looks nice.” – Frankie

“Daffodils! They’re yellow and someone’s planted them! It’s so the playground can look beautiful.” – Koby



Please click here for more information on the Early Years Foundation Stage at our school. This document will tell you about the Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, the ways children learn, and explain the planning and assessment of learning.