Class 3

Welcome to Class 3

We have 35 children from Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 in Class 3, and they are taught by Miss Shackleton.  You can see what they are studying this term Autumn 2022 from here.

Please click here to download a list of words that children should be able to spell and read fluently by the end of Year 6.

Mental Health Week

During mental health week, we investigated our future goals and ambitions as well as our achievements so far. We called this ‘Past Growth’ and ‘Future Growth’. We celebrated how far we had come over the past few years as regards our hobbies and learning and also what we would like to accomplish in the future.









In art lessons, this term, we have been exploring the work of David Hockney. We learnt that he used acrylic paints because it suited his technique of painting large areas of colour and then adding details. We use the same technique by painting the fields in bright colours and then using various brush strokes to add finer details on the fields such as  crops and plants and harvested fields.

Home learning weekly packs

If you would like to look at home learning packs sent out previously please click here.