Class 3

Welcome to Class 3

We have 35 children from Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 in Class 3, and they are taught by Miss Shackleton.  You can see what they are studying this term Autumn 2023 from here.

Please click here to download a list of words that children should be able to spell and read fluently by the end of Year 6.

Class Three

In class 3, our ‘class read’ is the Last Bear by Hannah Gold.  We are working on improving our reading fluency and reading with greater expressions.  We have learnt when we read with expression it should sound like when we are talking to a friend. We have discussed themes of friendships, family and how the Arctic is being protected through conservation and increased awareness of environmental issues.

Children recently shared their views of what we had read so far,

“It is like a really good adventure book because it’s about April’s adventure like going around the island to find the polar bear. It is also sad because her dad is not very good and they do not have a really good connection. Throughout the story I think it will improve because maybe near the end they will go on an adventure together.” Phoebe

“I quite like the way it is using description. She uses interesting words like plenty of adjectives to show the atmosphere of the place. She does it in a way that you picture what is happening. You can understand the danger that April is in and she shows the snow, ice and the fog. There is a fog that settles always around tea time and that is when she found the polar bear.  It was a very dangerous for April to be out.” Finley



We have been studying Vector Graphics. They have been learning to use different drawing tools to help them create images. Children have recognised that images in vector drawings are created using shapes and lines, and each individual element in the drawing is called an object. We have layered our objects and began grouping and duplicating them to support the creation of more complex pieces of work. Here are some examples of the work we have completed this term.




We have studied the famous paintings, life, influences and techniques of David Hockney. We learnt that Hockney is still painting and trying lots of new experiments with art. Some of his most recent work includes painting on iPads. The great thing about iPads is that once the work has been complete, you can go back and see how the painting was created. We learnt also that when he would make a mistake or a smudge that would become part of his art work as well as his use of tints, vibrant colours and textures. Like us in our art lessons, he also valued the importance of using a sketch book to record and develop his ideas. We used his technique with iPads in our views of Golcar as well as with one of his own landscape paintings.