Class 3

Welcome to Class 3

We have 35 children from Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 in Class 3, and they are taught by Miss Shackleton.  You can see what they are studying this term Spring 2023 from here.

Please click here to download a list of words that children should be able to spell and read fluently by the end of Year 6.


Class 3

We have had a really busy term with performances and continuing with learning.  Our performance, ‘Bah Humbug’ was a great success and children clearly enjoyed acting, learning about the structure of a play and using a range of singing skills. We also learnt about the life of Charles Dickens and used the story ‘A Christmas Carol,’ as inspiration for our writing. Here is an example of Star’s writing about when Scrooge made his way into his own home before the ghosts arrived.  We used a range of sentence types including compound, simple and complex sentences and also considered how we can build suspense into our writing to keep the reader on the edge of their seat.

“Scrooge tip-toed up his grand stair, his bark arched. The closer he got to the top of the red carpeted staircase, the bigger the shadows got like it was a ghost following him.  The stairs disappeared one by one like they were going into a deep, dark hole.  The only light was his burning, dying candle light. He sat with his cold porridge on his red, leather armchair, in front of the dim, maroon coloured fire, in his cosy grey dressing gown and night cap.  In an instant, he saw one of his bells ringing but no sound came out of it like a carol singer trying to sing with a lost voice.”

Zones of Regulation

In our PSHE (Physical, Social, Health and Emotional education) lessons, we have been learning how to simplify, identify and regulate our emotions using the national programme, ‘Zones of Regulation.’  The ‘zones’ are shown in the image below and we know now that the best place for learning is the green zone.


We have also learnt how understanding how our brain works can help us regulate our emotions too.  It can help understand emotions and those of the people around them as well as how to control our emotions.  Here are some examples of the children’s explanation texts, where they discussed the parts of the brain and its functions.

Sofia wrote, The brain is like a factory because it has many jobs. The brain stem’s job is to do breathing, digestion and pumping the heart. The prefrontal cortex is the place where you use your logic and critical thinking. Further into the brain is the amygdala – it controls feelings and emotions. All the parts work best when they work together.”

Oliver W wrote, “Your prefrontal cortex helps you make smart decisions. I am going to explain the lizard brain. Lizards have an amygdala – their emotions are always in control.   If they had a prefrontal cortex (like we do) they would be calmer. This helps them get into the green zone.”

Next term we are going to learn about the power of our prefrontal cortex in calming us down and helping us learn.  We are going to identify our emotions, communicate how we feel and learn about calming strategies so our ‘amygdala’ is not always in control.

Here is a maths question that we have been working on recently in year 6. Can you work it out?

Home learning weekly packs

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