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The Weekly Scape

The Weekly Scape

Meet The Journalists!

Hi, we will be your journalists for a while!

Our names are Leila, Star and Joshua.

We will be reporting some fun things we do in school time, quoting some children to see what they think about it and more. We hope you enjoy it!


Hi my name is Joshua and I am going to be one of your journalists for the next couple of weeks. I am 9 years old, my favourite subject is definitely maths and I am in year 5.


Hi! My name is Star and I’m another of your journalists. I am 10! My favourite subject is probably art or music, or maybe if we do free writing then that. I am in year 5 as well.


Hi! I am Leila I will be one of your school journalists also! I am in year 6 and I am your oldest school journalist. I am 11! My favourite subject would be art or English especially free writing like Star.

-Your School Journalists : )

The Weekly Scape

                          THE HEALTH AND SAFETY DAY!

The Paramedic

The health and safety day included a Paramedic coming from the YAS (Yorkshire Ambulance Service). He taught class 3 and class 2 about bandaging a wound or what to do if someone has a medical emergency such as an asthma attack, broken limb or a cut!

Road Safety

As well as the Paramedic, we had a Road Safety lesson for crossing the road and the different crossings. Funnily enough, the Road Safety lady had asthma as well! It was really fun, and also really interesting.

Year 4 and 5 – Speed guns

We also had a lesson on the speed of cars and we measured it with speed guns. Well they weren’t really guns, they were iPads with a machine to get the speed. Some people didn’t even have seatbelts on! We all took turns to hold the iPad to see the speed and shout it out for the rest of the people to write the information down on their sheets.

We all had fun with all these activities, and we just want to give a big thank you to the people who taught us these important life lessons that will keep us safe.

Class 3 did a play called, ‘No-one Wraps Like an Elf!’ This was what it was about…

Two people named Grab and Smash were making bad quality toys for the children, and are planning to kidnap Santa and spread their toys over the world instead; using gas-guzzling turbo-charged Ninja Knight Riders! Here’s what the journalists roles are: Leila was Gramps the elf and Elf 3. Joshua was Grab, and Star was MINT Spy 1 and voice off for the elves’ workshop announcements. A child who was one of the main roles called Jessica/ Little Elf she announced, “I liked the songs and the whole idea of the play. The characters were very funny and they had very bad jokes that turned out quite funny.”

Class 2 did ‘The Christmas Quarrel” Here is a bit about that if you didn’t see it…

It’s nearly Christmas, and the elves are trying to decide something very important… But they keep arguing over it! With classic Christmas songs and with a twist and a Nativity scene, there is much fun to be had watching it! Evie G said, ‘It was great. I really liked it. I just liked the theme of the play.’ Alice said, ‘It was very good!’

Class 1 did a classic Nativity scene that was almost like Top of The Pops! The children in Reception did amazing to say that was their first Christmas play! Well done to everyone, you all did a phenomenal job and the teachers were amazed at what you did! Thank you to all the teachers who set everything up especially to Mrs Lodge, Mrs Rushworth, Mrs Baxter and Mrs Ambler for helping each class with their props and sound effects!