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The Weekly Scape

The Weekly Scape

Meet The Journalists!

Hi, we will be your journalists for a while!

Our names are Leila, Star and Joshua.

We will be reporting some fun things we do in school time, quoting some children to see what they think about it and more. We hope you enjoy it!


Hi my name is Joshua and I am going to be one of your journalists for the next couple of weeks. I am 9 years old, my favourite subject is definitely maths and I am in year 5.


Hi! My name is Star and I’m another of your journalists. I am 10! My favourite subject is probably art or music, or maybe if we do free writing then that. I am in year 5 as well.


Hi! I am Leila I will be one of your school journalists also! I am in year 6 and I am your oldest school journalist. I am 11! My favourite subject would be art or English especially free writing like Star.

-Your School Journalists : )

The Weekly Scape!

The latest news from our little local school, from Star, Leila, Phoebe and Josh to you!

This ‘World Book Day’, all students wore pyjamas or were a character from a story. Or, we just wore very cosy, comfy looking and relaxing reading clothes!  Each class did something to recognise this important day and instil the love of reading across school.  Today, the school library was very important. We hope everyone got all the books, they wanted with the free book coupons and had a very nice World Book Day 2024.

The children watched a live stream on the BBC website and sorted what books you could put in a fiction section or a non-fiction section.  There were lot of games in the middle of the sorting!

Class 3 got some big pieces of paper and wrote (and drew!) our favourite books and why. We decorated our answers with Posca pens, colouring pencils and felt tips. We all had loads of unique ideas, like, Japanese myths and legends, Harry Potter, Dotty Detective, The Extremely Embarrassing Life of Lottie Brooks, and even MORE! We were also inspired by our latest writing project about Macbeth. We discussed themes such as the dagger, blood, monarchy and Dunsinane forest. Then, we drew posters to advertise a production of the play at the theatre.

Class 2 also watched the webinar about World Book Day and they also discussed with their friends the books they have recently enjoyed. Their recommendations are posted in the library to share with the whole school. They did a really good job!

Class 1 did a reading den, a stop and read, book marks, story maps of their favourite stories and lots of lovely paintings of fairy tales. They did an amazing job at everything!