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School Council (ACC)

All Children Count (ACC) is a group of children elected each year from Years 1 to 6, who meet regularly to discuss problems and ideas raised by all children.  This helps to improve the school, make it a better place for children and adults, and give all children an opportunity to express themselves.


Fundraising ideas include:

Film nights, cake sales, book swaps, making and selling items such as book marks.

If anyone has any great ideas for fund raising, please speak to the school council and we will take it to our meeting.


Climate Change Festival

Some of the council went to a Climate Change Festival. We learnt how people make blankets for the homeless, out of crisp packets. We have saved, cut up and cleans lots of packets to send of to turn into blankets.


Greeting the Mayor

The school council attended the town hall for a question and answer time with Mayor