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Leaders and teachers across school have carefully used the National Curriculum as a foundation for our art curriculum to ensure children become confident, enthusiastic artists.

Students learn skills and (disciplinary knowledge) and facts about artists (substantive knowledge). During their time at our school, we ensure that children are exposed to a variety of artists from a range of different heritages.

Our curriculum is about providing children with opportunities to develop their understanding of artists with a focus on the different techniques they use. Students will use sketch books to develop their ideas and practise techniques before working on final pieces of art.

Children are also given the opportunity to reflect about local artists such as Barbara Hepworth and David Hockney as well as artists who were inspired by the Yorkshire landscape such as LS Lowry and Turner.  They also get the opportunity to study a world of art and artists such as Jean-Michel Basquiat and Frida Kahlo. 

To help students and teachers with this,

The ‘Big Ideas’ or ‘golden threads’ for art are:  

  • Drawing  
  • Painting  
  • Colour  
  • Sculpture  
  • Collage  
  • Exploring and developing ideas 

Art is taught through fine and applied arts, mixed media, and sculpture.

Please find below our progression map for Art which details the skills and vocabulary children will cover from EYFS to Year 6.

EYFS – Year 6 Progression Map