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Children in years 2 to 5 learn to play the Ukulele as well as develop singing skills. A subject specialist teaches these weekly sessions.

To support our delivery of the National Curriculum, we follow Charanga’s English Model Music Curriculum Scheme. This is aligned with the National Curriculum for Music and the non-statutory Model Music Curriculum (MMC) Guidance published by the DfE in 2021. The music curriculum has carefully sequenced objectives to ensure that students’ learning builds on prior knowledge and understanding.

We also offer many other musical activities and events, which help create ‘enrichment’. These include attending Young Voices – the largest school choir concerts in the biggest arenas in the UK, optional guitar lessons, dedicated musical performances, assemblies and class productions around Christmas time.  

The ‘Big Ideas’ for Music are:

  • Listen
  • Play a musical instrument;
  • Explore, compose and improvise;
  • Perform
  • Use voices

Attached is the curriculum content covered by children in their Ukulele lessons.

Ukulele Lessons